G.S.R Private I.T.I      

G.S.R ITI is one of the premier industrial training institute in the self-financing category in jammikunta Telangana. It was established in the year 2009 .

Mission :

  As we know that, in the today competition and rapidly changing environment industrial  training  institute has an important role. It is our duty to fulfill industrial requirement by providing well trained trainee to our society. Today those institute are success which are providing competent trainee.To uplift students from economically backward class.

Vision :           

We cannot ignore the importance of technical education in today’s technical society. We provide a group of technical trainee in different discipline at one place. To emerge as a leading Center for Technical Education  with focus to produce professionally competent trainees capable of working in multidisciplinary global environment.

Goal :               To maintain our quality of performance and output in the form of providing best trainees to our society.


  • Honesty with respect to work.
  •  Dedicated to develop in all field.
  •  Provide energetic trainee to our society.
  •  Provide bound less training to trainee.
  •  To be one step forward always.


  • Rules and Regulations are solely meant to safeguard the welfare of each student so that every one may enjoy the
    full benefits placed at their own disposal.
  • Trainees are to be in the Institute in time with prescribed uniform

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